Event description

The Center for Learning and Teaching (CLT) at Old Dominion University invites all research, teaching, and adjunct faculty from Old Dominion University and from across Virginia to participate in the 2015 Faculty Summer Institute on Teaching and Learning.  This year the topic for discussion is “Make a Difference with Service-Learning.”

May 19-20, 2015
Constant Convocation Center
Old Dominion University | Norfolk, VA

The keynote address will be delivered by Nadinne Cruz, a renown pioneering leader of community-based learning, who has been an advocate and practitioner of service-learning across diverse institutions of higher education.

Faculty and community partners who participate in the Institute will have the opportunity to reflect on ways that we can learn, teach, inspire, and connect – with each other and with our community at large.

Service-learning strengthens students by offering them practical, hands-on use of their classroom learning. It strengthens the university by making it more of a community partner. And it strengthens the community by tackling difficult problems with the enthusiasm of new volunteers.

As students apply their classroom learning in the community through their service-learning projects, they learn first-hand about social responsibility, justice, diversity, and/or leadership. This practical exposure to some of the challenges faced in attempting to resolve community-based problems generally results in personal growth, improved social and communication skills, and a clearer view of society beyond the classroom. Students involved in service-learning as part of their curricula report that they improve their critical thinking skills that can set them ahead of peers when they enter the job market.

This year’s Faculty Summer Institute on Teaching and Learning is organized around several topics:

- Service-learning theory, research, and practice
- Benefits of service learning for students
- Process and logistics of service learning
- Instructional innovations associated with service learning
- Effectiveness of service learning
- Sustainability of service learning programs

This event is designed to be of interest to all faculty members throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia and nearby states.

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